Published: Monday 01 January, 2018

LOOK Maine Mendoza Tries Skydiving for the First Time: “Jusko ang puso ko!”

Still in the US for the holidays, Maine Mendoza did something for the very first time: skydiving. Maine is in Miami and decided to take the plunge (literally).

Maine Mendoza skydiving

Maine Mendoza said it was ‘absolute bliss’ once she jumped out of the airplane. (instagram/Maine mendoza)

On her Instagram, Maine Mendoza described her experience – her anxiety and fear just before making that jump from an airplane, and the ‘absolute bliss’ that took over once she actually jumped out.

“I have always wondered how it would feel to fly. How do birds feel when they soar through the sky. How it feels to see everything from up above. I was fortunate enough to experience this in the magic city— Miami,” Maine wrote.

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“Funny thing, I almost cried while sitting inside the aircraft– incredibly nervous and happy– because DAMN I cannot believe I am actually doing this! (There is nothing more nerve-racking than the anticipation; from signing the waiver to the plane ride up; and when they open that motherfriggin door mid-flight! Jusko ang puso ko!)” she continued.

“But when we jumped off, I felt nothing but absolute bliss. For the most part, it felt unreal to me. It was breathtaking– literally, too. It was amazing. Best part is I didn’t pee my shorts!”

“Seriously though, I cannot believe I actually did it; I took the ultimate plunge! I was so freakin scared but still I made it alive. Lol! Next on my bucket list is to do it alone. (Charot, semi-not charot!) It made me realize most of the things worth doing starts with being nervous or terrified. You just gotta take the leap and make it happen. You might just be amazed at what you could achieve and how far your jump can take you ONLY if you take the chance. Sabi nga sa Nike, “just do it”! Some things are always worth a try. At the end of the day, chances are you’ll be thanking yourself for taking the risk because it made you happy… or at least alive.”

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“I hope we all get to experience new things and collect wonderful memories this 2018! Happy New Year, everybody! 😉” Maine Mendoza added.