Published: Thursday 26 October, 2017

Marc Ventura Names 10 Aegis Juris Brods Who Took Part in Atio Hazing

Ten members of Aegis Juris Fraternity participated in the hazing of Atio Castillo which later led to his death. Marc Ventura, the provisionary state witness of the Department of Justice (DOJ) named his 10 Aegis Juris brods who took part.

Marc Ventura

State witness Marc Ventura named Axel Hipe as master initiator of Atio Castillo hazing. 9 others participated. (Inquirer photo/Lyn Rillon)

Unknown to his Aegis Juris brods, Marc Ventura was already talking to authorities while the others were attending the preliminary hearing on Atio Castillo’s death. This according to DOJ secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.

The DOJ chief said Ventura’s testimony is a welcome development in the hazing death of Castillo. Now, they would be needing another witness to corroborate his testimony,

“If ever we need somebody else from among the persons present in the initiation rites, maybe we need just one to corroborate. But his declarations, without any corroborative testimony, I believe already will stand,” Aguirre told the media during a press briefing on Wednesday.

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“His declaration was very clear. He told us everything,” added Aguirre. “He told us everything.”

According to Ventura, Axel Mundo Hipe as the “master initiator” of the Aegis Juris hazing of Atio Castillo. The initiation started at 1:00 AM of September 17 until about 5:00 AM at the Aegis Juris Library. The hazing was supposed to welcome the ‘new dawn’ with a new member. However, tragedy struck after Castillo collapsed and became unresponsive.

Horacio Castillo III

Horacio Castillo III, aka Atio, died after an apparent hazing. (Facebook/Horacio Castillo III)

He was supposed to be hit 11 times with the Aegis Juris paddles on his thighs as is customary. But after the fourth blow, Atio Castillo collapsed.

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When he regained consciousness, they struck him a fifth time. That was when he became unresponsive and could not be revived even after being dripped with hot wax. Panic ensued, and that was when their brods called John Paul Solano.

The DOJ has not released the names of the Aegis Juris members Marc Ventura named in his affidavit. Aguirre said an immigration bulletin would be issued against the suspects. 10 participated in the hazing but, all in all, 23 were present who witnessed the initiation.

UPDATE: The 23 present during the hazing are the following:

  • Edric Pilapil
  • Zach Abulencia
  • Daniel Ragos
  • Dave Felix
  • Sam Cagalingan
  • Alex Cairo
  • Luis Kapulong
  • Kim Cyrill Roque
  • Ged Villanueva
  • Arvin Balag
  • Ralph Trangia
  • Oliver John Audrey Onofre
  • Mhin Wei Chan
  • Daniel Hans Matthew Rodrigo
  • Karl Matthew Villanueva
  • Joshua Joriel Macabali
  • Axel Munro Hipe
  • Marcelino Bagtang
  • Zimon Padro
  • Jose Miguel Salamat
  • Leo Lalusis
  • Alex Bose
  • Robin Ramos