Published: Friday 17 November, 2017

Mariel de Leon Responds to Sara Duterte About Miss International Loss

Mariel de Leon vs Sara Duterte, Round 2: On Twitter, Mariel has responded to Sara Duterte’s remarks about her loss in Miss International 2017. But far from engaging in a word war, Mariel took the high road and offered her nemesis prayers.

Mariel De Leon Sara Duterte

Mariel de Leon took the high road and offered Sara Duterte her prayers. (Instagram photos)

It will be recalled that Sara Duterte took to social media to air her reaction after De Leon failed to make it in the Top 15 of Miss International 2017. In her message, Duterte spoke of her ‘personal experience’ with Mariel and hinted that her loss was due to karma.

“Meron ako personal experience sa kanya, but I’m too tired to make kwento. I believe pageant judges see through the physical beauty and examine the heart. Para bang Ms. Venezuela sa Ms. Universe 2016. Parang ganyan. This is a schadenfreude moment for me. Sa binisaya pa, ang gabà di gyud magsabà,” Sara wrote.

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Today, it was Mariel de Leon’s turn to respond. Though she did not refer to Sara Duterte in her Twitter post, it is obvious that her message is meant for the mayor of Davao City. She also denied Duterte’s claim of a ‘personal experience’.

“Same building, same event, plus group pics. But no personal experience or encounter. It’s okay, God knows what (didn’t) happen. I’ll pray for you and I’ll leave it all to Him. ”

“If another person’s “misfortune” pleases you, it just shows how insecure and unhappy you are with your life. It’s okay, maybe one day you’ll be truly happy? I’m sending you good vibes and prayers! 🙏🏻”

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Will we have a Mariel vs Inday Sara Round 3?