Published: Wednesday 07 February, 2018

Singer Mark Bautista Admits Gay Affair in Tell-All Book ‘Beyond The Mark’

Mark Bautista dropped a bombshell in his book ‘Beyond The Mark’. The singer-actor admitted a past gay affair with an unnamed ‘friend’ though Mark did not reveal the identity of the other guy. Is it you-know-who from the ‘family’ network?

Mark Bautista gay affair confession

Who is the guy Mark Bautista had a gay affair with? (Instagram/Mark Bautista)

There have been rumors about Mark Bautista and a certain hunk actor in the past. According to the grapevine, Mark and the actor were in a gay relationship that the network frowned on. Other rumors said the actor’s girlfriend found out about the gay relationship and this led to a break up. Despite the alleged efforts of the network to sanitize the actor’s image (and their investment), the rumors just would not die down.

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Speculation that Mark would tell-all about his personal life in his book were fueled by its intro, which he revealed on Instagram a couple of weeks back:

“I have a story to tell, and no matter what others might think, I’m happy that I can share this with pride (from overcoming my personal struggles), joy (from discovering my life’s purpose), and peace (from finding the true essence of fulfillment). For me, these are life’s great achievements. This has been my journey and my life, so far,” he wrote.

Mark Bautista book

Now, finally, Mark Bautista has confessed about an ‘intimate’ relationship he had with a male friend in his upcoming book ‘Beyond The Mark’.

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However, after several years, it happened again.

The guy friend had a girlfriend at the time and they all shared a drink one night. But, after the girlfriend had gone home, Mark and the unnamed guy ended up spending the night together.

“I spent the night in his house and we became intimate.”

Now, the question is, will Mark Bautista reveal the identity of his male friend? Is it everybody’s ‘Papa’?