Published: Tuesday 27 February, 2018

Meet Chase Marcum, the Tagalog-Speaking American Sekyu in Paranaque

The story of Chase Marcum III has gone viral after he was featured on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho last Sunday. You see, Chase is a Tagalog-speaking American who works as a security guard at a Paranaque City subdivision.

Chase Marcum American sekyu

Chase Marcum now lives in the Philippines and works as a security guard at a Paranaque subdivision. (YouTube screen grab/KMJS/GMA Network)

There are many things about Chase Marcum that fascinate Pinoys. For one, why would an American work as a security guard in the Philippines? And, how come he speaks almost-fluent Filipino? And there’s more: Chase also idolizes our national hero, Jose Rizal.

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Chase Marcum had a relatively successful life in the United States. Born in California to a Filipino father and an American mother, Chase grew up with his grandparents after the early divorce of his parents. He led a relatively comfortable life, earned a college degree and joined the US Marines. But, after a vacation in the Philippines in 2000, he was hooked.

Though he returned to the US, the simple life in the Philippines and the Pinoys’ cheerful demeanor fascinated him. He returned to live here for good 15 years later.