Published: Wednesday 21 February, 2018

Missing OFW Domestic Helper Norisa Manambit Found Comatose in Kuwait

Another overseas Filipino worker is fighting for her life in Kuwait. But the case if domestic helper Norisa Manambit is quite different from other OFWs who were abused by their employers.

OFW domestic helper Norisa Manambit

How did an OFW domestic worker in Saudi Arabia end up comatose in a hospital in Kuwait? (Getty Images)

Norisa Manambit was deployed as a domestic helper in Damman, Saudi Arabia. Late last year, her family lost contact with her and reported Manambit missing to her recruitment agency in the Philippines. Weeks passed with no news until a Facebook post by a nurse in Kuwait alerted them of Norisa’s situation. But how did get to Kuwait when she was working for an employer in Saudi Arabia? This is what baffles her family in the Philippines.

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“How can that be? We were so sure she went to Dammam, Saudi Arabia. How did she arrive in Kuwait?” said¬†Lady Mae Besa, Manambit’s niece, when interviewed by via radio station dxND.

According to Besa, Norisa’s friends in Damman said the OFW had an argument with her employer when she was caught using her mobile phone. The argument escalated into a fight and her employer had Manambit arrested and sent to jail. But when her friends tried to visit her there, she was nowhere to be found.

Did Norisa’s employers bring her to Kuwait? Why is she in coma? These are the questions of her family waiting for answers as they ask for help from Philippine authorities to help Norisa Manambit.