Published: Friday 10 November, 2017

Motorcycle Ride-Sharing Service ANGKAS Closed Down by LTFRB Nov. 9

Angkas closed

Motorcycle TNV Angkas closed by Makati City Hall and LTFRB for operating without a permit. (Angkas images)

Angkas, popular with commuters for getting them through Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic, had been on the cross-hairs of the LTFRB for some time now. But, due to a loophole in the law that does not classify allow two-wheeled vehicles under the transport network vehicle service (TNVS) category, it was practically  out of reach by the LTFRB. Thus Angkas, more popularly known as habal habal in some areas outside the metropolis, was ‘allowed’ to operate.

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But LTFRB’s Aileen Lizada made a surprise visit to its Makati offices and found out that it had no business permit to operate. With this, the Makati Business Permits Office (BPO) served the company an apprehension notice and Makati City Office of the Mayor ordered Angkas closed. They were given three days to explain why they should operate.

With motorcycles’ ability to weave through traffic, Angkas has grown in popularity in the past months, some say even more popular than Uber or Grab. And it is a lot cheaper too!

Of course, Angkas has its own disadvantages with riders being open to the elements. But for a quick and no frills ride, the motorcycle riding app is the top choice.

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“Considered as closed na,” Lizada told the media.

Meanwhile, Angkas is appealing to the government, more particularly to the Department of Transportation, to formally allow it to operate, adding that they have always been open to regulation.

“On behalf of its bikers, Angkas has always been open to regulation. We believe that the motorcycle taxi industry will benefit greatly from proper regulation to ensure standards of safety, training, and covered with the proper insurance to protect the riding public,” Angkas said in a statement on Thursday.