Published: Saturday 12 August, 2017

LOOK Muslim Miss Universe Contestant, Muna Jama, Refuses to Wear a Bikini!

Meet Muna Jama, the Miss Universe Great Britain contestant who refused to wear a bikini. Did Muna Jama win? No, she didn’t. But according to her, she drove home a point in the beauty pageant, and that’s what’s more important.

Muna jama Miss Universe Great Britain contestat

Meet Muna Jama, the Miss Universe contestant wo wore a kaftan instead of a bikini. (Muna Jama/Instagram)

Muna Jama made pageant history by being the first Miss Universe contestant NOT to wear a bikini or bathing suit in the swimsuit competition. Instead, she wore a kaftan.

While some beauty pageant enthusiasts slammed her for joining a beauty pageant where wearing a bathing suit or bikini is a requirement, there are thousands of women around the world who admired her decision. In fact, the photo of Muna Jama parading on stage wearing a kaftan amid girls in bikinis has gone viral.

Muna Jama Miss Universe

The 27-year old Muslim contestant wearing a kaftan during the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant. (Instagram)

For her part, the 27-year old Muslim beauty queen said she just stood up for her beliefs. And she also thanked the Miss Universe Organization for respecting it.

“I am Muslim, I am British and I am proud. I practice my religion the best way I know how,” Jama said in an interview for Teen Vogue.

“I’ve never worn a bikini and I have no intentions to either.”

“It was important to me to be understood.”

“I just wanted to stay true to myself and not do anything that I don’t do outside my normal life; to pretend, to be someone I’m not,” she added.

Many now think what Muna Jama did will encourage other Muslim women to join beauty pageants and do what she did. And this will change how beauty pageants will be done in the coming years.