Published: Sunday 08 January, 2017

LOOK New Michael Pangilinan Scandal Photo 2017 Leaked: It’s Really Him!

Singer Michael Pangilinan is at it again! After his scandal video some months ago, he is back with a new scandal. This time it’s a photo showing him in all his naked glory.

Michael Pangilinan scandal photo

New Michael Pangilinan photo scandal.

There is no sense using the word ‘alleged’ in this post because we are certain it is Michael Pangilinan’s scandal photo. His face is very clear because it is closest to the camera.

Posing naked from head to foot and with the camera positioned overhead, Michael looks up to the lens as the shot is taken. The photo also shows his right hand holding his manhood. It’s a selfie scandal!

Michael pangilinan scandal photo

Michael Pangilinan scandal 2017. (PHOTO via FashionPulis)

Reactions to the new scandal are mixed. Some seemed very pleased that a new photo has been leaked. Some were surprised and said that it seems¬†Michael Pangilinan hasn’t learned his lesson from the first scandal. Others, though, were not surprised. Once and exhibitionist, always an exhibitionist.

For obvious reasons, we are posting the blurred copy from FashionPulis. If you know where to look, you will easily find the uncensored copies. Yes, photos!