Published: Friday 15 September, 2017

New Witness Says Carl Arnaiz Kneeling When Killed & Kulot was There Too!

A witness to the killing of Carl Angelo Arnaiz said Kulot was present when the victim was shot kneeling down. Carl Angelo was in handcuffs and kneeling down when police allegedly shot and killed him while Kulot (Reynaldo de Guzman) was in a police patrol car nearby.

Carl Angelo Arnaiz and Kulot

The witness said he saw how Carl Angelo Arnaiz was killed by two Caloocan police officers. (ABS CBN News screen grab)

According to the new witness under the protection of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), he was alking along C3 Road around 1:30 AM of August 18 when he witnessed the killing. A police mobile arrived and a man in handcuffs walked out. He told two police officers that he would surrender but the police still shot and killed him.

Meanwhile, the witness, alias Joe Daniel, said he saw another young man, whom he said was Kulot, seated inside the police patrol car.

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Joe Daniel said he saw the news about Carl Angelo Arnaiz’s killing on TV and was sure it was the one he witnessed along C3 Road. He also saw the two Caloocan City police officers being accused of the killing and was certain they were the ones he saw shoot Carl Angelo Arnaiz. Joe Daniel was referring to Police Officer 1 Jefrey Perez, Police Officer 1 Ricky Arquilita.

Upon the advise of a priest, to whom he confessed what he witnessed, Joe Daniel went to PAO and told them what he saw.

It will be recalled that autopsy results on Carl Angelo Arnaiz said the victim may have been on the ground or kneeling down when he was shot, just like what happened to Kian delos Santos who was also killed by Caloocan police officers last month. Likewise, autopsy results found abrasions on Carl’s hands and wrists consistent with handcuff marks.

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Double murder charges, as well as planting of evidence and violation of the anti-torture law have since been filed against Police Officer 1 Jefrey Perez, Police Officer 1 Ricky Arquilita, as well as taxi driver Tomas Bagcal, whom authorities believe was also involved in the crimes.