Published: Monday 28 August, 2017

OFW Anabelle Calay Begs for Help on Facebook After Employer Abused Her

An overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia is begging for help from fellow Pinoys on Facebook. Anabelle Calay of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia said she has been repeatedly abused by her employer and threatened with death or jail if she reports him to the authorities.

Anabelle calay OFW begs for help

OFW Anabelle Calay begging for help on Facebook. (Facebook screen grab/OFW Kalingawan)

In a video posted on Facebook, OFW Anabelle Calay said she was sexually abused by her employer. Crying in front of the camera, Calay said she is afraid to report it to the authorities because women don’t have a voice in Saudi Arabia and she fears she might just end up in jail if her employer contradicts her. According to Calay, she also fears for her life because her employer threatened to kill her.

Begging for help from fellow Pinoys, the OFW asks to be rescued from her abusive Saudi Arabian employer.

The video has been shared by Facebook page OFW Kalingawan and has since received almost 1.8 million views. Hopefully, it has already reached the authorities by this time. Other OFWs in Saudi Arabia should also share the video of Philippine embassy officials so that immediate help can be extended to Anabelle Calay.

Sadly, this will not be the last OFW to be abused by her employer. There have been hundreds who sought greener pastures and better lives for their families only to end up abused, maltreated, discriminated, or even dead. While there are many Pinay domestic workers who found good employers abroad, there are countless other stories of horror in the hands of their employers.