Published: Saturday 13 January, 2018

Kuwait OFW’s Body Arrives with Vital Organs Missing After Alleged Suicide

When the body of dead OFW Liezl Trus Hukbong arrived from Kuwait on January 10, most of her vital organs were missing. Hukbong allegedly died from suicide but her family doubts this. They also ask why her vital organs have been harvested.

Liezl trus Hukbong

Liezl Trus Hukbong alleged died by suicide in Kuwait but almost all her internal organs are missing. (Facebook image)

Gracel Ann Hukbong, Liezl’s niece, posted their family’s concern about what happened to her aunt on Facebook. Together with photos of Liezl’s body, some of which are too gruesome to post here, Gracel posted Liezl Trus Hukbong’s story to call attention to her plight and seek justice for her death and what happened to her body.

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Liezl worked for Greatworld International Management] Inc. (Zaidamen Enterprises Inc), in the Riggae Area, according to her niece. She left for Kuwait in December 2016 together with a relative named Jerchell Bracero Jurial. For several months, Liezl was in regular communication with her family. But then, it suddenly stopped in September 2017.

This left her family worried. They tried to reach out to Liezl through Jerchell but the latter kept telling them she was okay. But in November, Liezl Trus Hukbong’s Facebook account was suddenly deleted. Again Jerchell told them Liezl was okay. Then on December 19, her family received word that Liezl was dead, allegedly after hanging herself.

Gracel said their family then sought the assistance of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and her employment agency which, to their surprise, didn’t know that Liezl had already died. Their suspicions of foul play were further fueled by Jerchell’s inconsistent stories about Liezl’s death.

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When the body arrived, their sorrow turned into horror upon seeing Liezl’s body. It had been sliced from her head to her navel, and her organs were missing including Liezl’s brain, eyes, tongue, kidney, lungs, etc. The only internal organs left were her intestines!

Why, her family asked. And why was Liezl’s body covered in bruises? Moreover, the medical documents that came with the body no official seal, no doctor’s signature, and no license number of the doctor. There was also no autopsy report.

NOTE: Due to the graphic nature of the photos of Liezl Trus Hukbong’s body, we can only post a partial screenshot of Gracel’s Facebook post.

Liezl Trus Hukbong