Published: Tuesday 09 January, 2018

OFW Wins More Than P1 Million in Abu Dhabi Duty Free Big Ticket Draw

A Pinoy worker is more than P1 million richer after winning in the Abu Dhabi Duty Free Big Ticket Millionaire Draw. Overseas Filipino worker Ronnie Guina won Dh100,000 (about P1,3672,544.80) in the said Big Ticket draw.

OFW Ronnie Guina wins P1 million

Ronnie Guina is one of the lucky winners of the Big Ticket Millionaire Draw, the biggest-ever prize money in the history of the Abu Dhabi Duty Free. But someone won a much bigger prize.

The grand prize was Dh12,000,000 (about P16,4070,373.50) which was won by an Indian national. Four other Indians and a South Korean also won prizes in the draw held last January 7, 2018 at the  Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Dh12million Hari Krishnan from India
Dh100,000 Ronnie Guina from the Philippines
Dh90,000 Minor Khor from India
Dh80,000 Rogish Kumar from India
Dh70,000 Abelash Sashi from India
Dh60,000 Anil Betile from India
Dh50,000 Dasuli Chow from South Korea

The next draw will be on February 5, 2018.

OFW wins Big Ticket draw Abu Dhabi

Thw winners of the Big Ticket draw last Sunday. (Facebook/Big Ticket)