Published: Thursday 28 September, 2017

Blood & Paddles Used in Atio Castillo Hazing Found in Aegis Juris Premises

The murder weapon in the hazing of Horacio Castillo III may have been found by police. Paddles found inside the Aegis Juris premises may have been used in the hazing of Castillo which eventually led to his death.

Aegis Juris paddles

The Aegis Juris library yielded paddles when police finally searched the premises. (Photo courtesy of Ivan Mayrina/GMA News)

Police authorities finally gained access to the Aegis Juris library after eleven days. Armed with a search warrant, police raided the premises where it is believed the hazing of Atio Castillo occurred on September 17. Inside they found three wooden paddles.

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The paddles were taken by scene of the crime operatives and will be subject to forensic examination. The library, now considered a crime scene, was also subject to a thorough inspection by the police operatives. Police were looking for DNA evidence such as blood, body fluids, fibers, hair or fingerprints.

Unconfirmed reports said blood was also found inside.