Published: Wednesday 12 July, 2017

LOOK Palawan Voted ‘Best Island in the World’ for 2017; Boracay in 3rd Place

Palawan is named world’s best island again! Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine voted for Palawan as the ‘Best Island in the World’ for 2017, a feat it also achieved last year. Boracay came in third place.

Palawan Island

‘Best Island in the World’ again! The island of Palawan has consistently been cited as one of the world’s best, if not the world’s best. (Credit:

Travel + Leisure Magazine conducts an annual poll on its readers from December to April the following year. Aside from the ‘Best Island in the World’, readers are asked to vote for the best hotels, cities, cruise ships, airlines, airports, and even car rental services.

In previous polls, Travel + Leisure magazine said all votes are screened after these are tallied. This is done to protect the integrity of the poll. In past polls, responses from any travel industry professionals to wanted to influence the results are eliminated.

Aside from Palawan and Boracay, this year’s results are a mix of previous favorites.

1. Palawan, Philippines (93.15)
2. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (90.83)
3. Boracay, Philippines (89.67)
4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (89.20)
5. Santorini, Greece (89.19)
6. Maui, Hawaii (89.17)
7. Kauai, Hawaii (88.72)
8. Ischia, Italy (88.53)
9. Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia (87.75)
10. Bali, Indonesia (87.61)

“There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the natural wonders of this Philippine archipelago, which many of our readers described as ‘rustic,’ ‘romantic,’ ‘affordable’ and ‘relaxing.’ As one fan succinctly wrote, ‘it’s the single most beautiful place on earth,’” said Travel + Leisure magazine‘s  Rebecca Ascher-Walsh.

Both Philippine destinations have consistently placed in the annual poll. And, aside from the Travel + Leisure poll, Palawan and Boracay, as well as Cebu, have also placed well in previous polls by Conde Bast Traveler magazine.