Published: Thursday 10 August, 2017

Third Party in Andres Bautista, Tish Bautista Split Identified as Alvin Lim

The third party in the Andres Bautista – Patricia ‘Tish’ Bautista marriage has been identified as businessman Alfonso ‘Alvin’ Lim in several news articles. However, Tish Bautista denies that she and Alvin Lim have a romantic relationship and says they’re only friends.

Andres Bautista Tish Bautista third party Alvin Lim

The third party in the Andres Bautista-Patricia Bautista split is reportedly Alvin Lim. (GMA News photo)

In interviews, Comelec chairman Andres Bautista said he and wife Patricia ‘Tish’ Bautista have been having marital problems for several years. He also said that he was a victim of infidelity though he stopped short of identifying who the third party was.

But in an article on the Philippine Star, Tish Bautista’s alleged boyfriend has been identified as Alfonso ‘Alvin’ Lim, the former partner of chef Margarita ‘Gaita’ Fores of Cibo fame.

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Alvin Lim and Gaita Fores were actually good friends of the Bautista couple and often went out together, according to the article. Tish Bautista, who claims to have a ‘third eye’, convinced Alvin Lim that he also has the same gift and convinced him that they should venture into business together. With the blessing of their spouses, the two opened shop in a space owned by Tish Bautista’s mother, socialite Baby Cruz.

Later, Tish reportedly told Gaita Fores that she sensed Alvin was in love with someone else and would soon leave her. Gaita dismissed this but soon found out that it was true, and the other woman was Patricia ‘Tish’ Bautista herself!

Further, according to the Philstar article, Tish would tell her mother that she wanted to leave Andres Bautista. Of course, Baby Cruz was against it. But the daughter would not change her mind.

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When asked about this in a recent interview after her expose about her husband’s alleged ill-gotten wealth, Patricia Bautista dismissed it as mere rumor started by Gaita Fores.

“We’re friends, we’re very good friends. We work together. So if you see pictures of us together, it’s normal. We work together.”

“This is a rumor that was started by his [Lim’s] ex-girlfriend Margarita Fores four, five years ago and it’s still there. And I’ve never said anything because for me, what people think of me is not my business. It’s up to them, right? I’m not going to convince anybody,” she said during an interview on ANC.