Published: Tuesday 17 October, 2017

Philip Salvador Wins P35 Million Jackpot in Solaire Casino Slot Machine

Actor Philip Salvador won the slot machine jackpot at Solaire Casino. According to a report, Salvador won P35 million, one of the biggest jackpots in a slot machine in the Philippines.

Philip Salvador

Philip Salvador hit the slot machine jackpot at Solaire Casino. (Inquirer photo)

The news comes from Hataw Tabloid which based its report on a tip from a ‘reliable source’. It adds that Philip Salvador is not the first celebrity to win the slot machine jackpot at Solaire.

Comedian Jimmy Santos reportedly won P10 million from the slot machine on September 29. But the actor said he was just playing with a friend’s money so the winnings are not exactly his.

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Thousands of Filipinos go the casino everyday to try their luck. With the number of casinos in the country today, especially in Metro Manila alone, millions of pesos change hands daily. However, not many go home a winner. Especially slot machine players who usually end up losing a lot.

We may read about millions of winnings from slot machines but be advised that this is a mere fraction of the millions people lose to the ‘one handed bandit’ daily. I know. Been there. Done that.