Published: Thursday 31 August, 2017

LOOK Iloilo Mayor Jed Mabilog House ‘Like a Palace’? See for Yourself (VIDEO)

After Duterte’s expose that Mayor Jed Mabilog house is ‘like a place’, interest in the ‘White House’ of Iloilo City went viral. But Mayor Jed Mabilog denies the his house is palatial, saying that it’s not quite as big as photos suggest.

Mayor Jed Mabilog house

Iloilo City mayor Jed Mabilog house. (YouTube screen grab/Charles Galvez)

“His house is like a palace,” said President Rodrigo Duterte, referring to the controversial house of Mayor Jed Mabilog of Iloilo City. “He is probably the child of someone very rich.”

Duterte added that he has instructed the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to conduct a lifestyle check of Mabilog, who is part of the list of narcopoliticians allegedly involved and/or protecting the interests of drug lords.

But, aside from denying that he is into illegal drugs, Jed Mabilog also denied that his house is like a palace.

“I have nothing to hide. My house, while often described as a palace, is not quite a palace. It is not as big as pictures would make it appear,” sais the mayor, as quoted by the Inquirer.

Mabilog also said he was already earning well and living comfortably even before he joined politics. He didn’t get rich by joining politics. He and his wife were already rich, through their hard work, before he went home to Iloilo.

“Modesty aside, I and my wife were already running a number of businesses before I joined politics. I was already living a comfortable life in Manila as an entrepreneur when I came home to run for city councilor. I didn’t become rich because of politics, much unlike many politicians,” Mabilog said.

“Everybody dreams of building a beautiful home. Marivic and I built one not only for ourselves but for our children…I just feel sad that what I had hoped to be a dream home has caused a nightmare experience for me and my family. But I can assure the President not a single centavo of dirty money was spent for this home,” he added.