Published: Monday 14 August, 2017

LOOK Arci Muñoz Spotted with a ‘New Face’: She’s Almost Unrecognizable!

Arci Muñoz was in Tuguegarao over the weekend and she was almost unrecognizable! Arci Muñoz has a new face! What did she have done? A nose job? Lip surgery? Eyes? Or all of the above?

Arci Munoz new face

Does Arci Munoz have a ‘new face’? Look, she’s unrecognizable! (Facebook/@aljhun.melarpes)

Arci Muñoz became a trending topic on social media several days ago because of an alleged nose job. Others said she had fillers in her lips. But whatever it was, it made Arci almost unrecognizable. Just look at her photos from Tuguegarao recently.

Arci Muñoz retokada

Totally different from the Arci Munoz I remember! (Facebook/@ljosah)

Arci Munoz

Even from another angle, Arci Munoz looks very, very, VERY different! (Facebook/@ljosah)

It’s like a totally different person! Come to think of it, Arci has had so many looks since she entered showbiz several years ago. No wonder she’s been called ‘retokada’ by some of her bashers.

This time, however, I think she may have overdone it.

UPDATE: After looking at her ‘new face’ for some time, I think it’s her nose that makes her look different. A recent nose job may have totally altered her overall look..