Published: Sunday 22 April, 2018

Pinay Girl Survives 4-Storey Fall in Singapore, Family Appeals for Help

A four-year old Filipina girl on vacation in Singapore fell four floors down from her parents apartment. She survived but Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz is seriously hurt and in need of medical treatment. Her family is now appealing for financial aid.

Four-year old Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz arrived in Singapore with her lola (grandmother) on April 1 for a vacation. Her mother, Jenica Julien Santelices, works in Singapore  as a  customer service officer for a local restaurant. As such, only the lola and the little girl were left at home while the mother worked.

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On April 6, Sachi’s grandmother left her briefly in the apartment to buy food in the nearby market. She locked the door behind her and closed the windows. But when she returned 20 minutes later, she saw police at the foot of the apartment block. Rushing upstairs, she could not find her apo (grandchild) and found one of the windows open. When she went back downstairs, that was where she found Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz – on the ground, in pain and surrounded by police and lots of people.

Sachi was immediately brought to Changi General Hospital. She was eventually transferred to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. According to Jenica Julien Santelices, her daughter miraculously survived the fall but she fractured her spine and shoulder, and suffered internal bleeding in her lungs and liver.

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“As of today, she’s fine, the internal bleeding has stopped and we’re just waiting for the MRI this Friday to know if she needs an operation,” Santelices told The Straits Times. “The only problem is we are in need of financial (help) to support her medical expenses.”

A fund-raising page on has been set up to help Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz.

“It’s an accident. No one wants this to happen,” Jenica Julien Santelices tole The Straits Times.