Published: Friday 01 September, 2017

‘Rape’ Victim Withdraws Case Against Noven Belleza as She’s ‘No Longer Interested’

The woman who accused Noven Belleza of rape has withdrawn her case. The alleged rape victim executed an affidavit of desistance stating she is no longer interested in pursuing the case against Noven Belleza.

Noven Belleza rape case dropped

The rape / sexual harassment case against Noven Belleza has been dropped. (ABS CBN photo)

According to Sunstar Cebu, the unnamed woman told Judge James Stewart Himalaluan of the Cebu City Regional Trial Court that the case is severely affecting her and her family.

“After my sober and soul searching assessment and analysis of this case, I have realized that I have reached the point that I am no longer interested in pursuing the case due to inordinately adverse effects it brought to me and my family,”  said the alleged victim’s affidavit.

Noven Belleza was arrested in Cebu City on July 16 right after performing at the concert of Vice Ganda. Belleza allegedly raped a 19-year old woman, a former fellow contestant at Tawag ng Tanghalan, the day before at his rented condo. According to the alleged victim’s complaint, Belleza used his finger in molesting her.

Noven was subsequently jailed until he was able to post bail several days later. Prosecutors reviewed the complaint and found that there was probable cause to charge the Tawag ng Tanghalan champion, although his case was downgraded from rape to sexual harassment.

Why did the victim really drop the case? Is she really no longer interested, or is there money involved? was a settlement paid by Noven’s camp / ABS CBN?