Published: Tuesday 29 August, 2017

Raquel Pempengco to File Libel Case vs Jake Zyrus & ABS CBN Over MMK Depiction

Don’t look now but Raquel Pempengco is threatening to file a libel case. Mommy Raquel is said to sue Jake Zyrus and ABS CBN for libel because of how she was depicted in the MMK episode about Jake’s life story last Saturday.

Mommy Raquel Pempengco vs Jake Zyrus

A libel case may be forthcoming for Jake Zyrus and MMK from Raquel Pempengco. (Inquirer photo)

Mommy Raquel Pempengco was furious about the said MMK episode. Immediately after it aired, she was quoted by PEP saying all of what Jake said about her in that story were lies. This, according to Arniel Serato of PEP, is the reason why she’s considering a libel case against Jake Zyrus and the people behind MMK.

In the story, Raquel was depicted as a cruel mother who forced the then Charice Pempengco to join singing contests despite the latter’s protests. At times, Charice would be hurt physically by her mother, even when she was already famous.

Charice likewise suffered from verbal abuse from Raquel, especially about her sexuality. And she was also portrayed as a money-hungry mom who wasted some of Charice’s earnings. As a result, some netizens called her a ‘monster mom’.

Despite Mommy Raquel’s denials, her mother, Charice’s Lola Thess, has since come out with statements supporting the MMK episode, and even confirming that the abuse really happened.

Via social media, Thess Pineda expressed her support for Jake Zyrus and told him to free himself of all the emotional pain she suffered growing up.

Raquel pempengco libel jake Zyrus

Lola Thess Pineda Jake Zyrus