Published: Sunday 21 January, 2018

WATCH: Finally, JM de Guzman Admits Drug Abuse & Rehab on Rated K

Actor JM de Guzman finally opened up about his drug abuse. On Rated K, JM told Korina Sanchez how he spiraled from a mere user to a dependent that necessitated his rehab.

JM de Guzman Rated K drug abuse rehab

JM de Guzman on Rated K: actor opens up about drug abuse and rehab. (ABS CBN screen grab)

JM de Guzman was eighteen years old when he started using drugs. He told Korina that he thought drugs would help him with his work as an actor and to overcome his personal problems. One of these was low self esteem which he blamed on the bullying her suffered as a kid. Taking drugs gave him the confidence and the ‘power’!

But, eventually, his drug use became worse. As he used drugs more and more, it lost its ‘power’ and he needed to try something else, something stronger. He then gradually became more dependent on drugs.

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According to JM de Guzman, one day, he realized that his life is spiraling downwards because of his drug dependence. He could no longer do anything without it. And, worse, he noticed that drugs have changed him. That was when he volunteered to go to rehab.

JM told his grandfather that he needed to go to rehab, although he had some conditions. First and foremost, the rehab should be comfortable – air-conditioned, etc.

And when his dad found out about this drug dependence, he immediately brought JM to rehab.This was in 2012 while he was doing ‘Angelito: Bagong Yugto’. He was already having problems so TV bosses decided to cut the series short.

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De Guzman made a successful comeback and made several big projects, one of these was the indie film That Thing Called Tadhana with Angelica Panganiban. This was followed by the TV series All of Me. But then, he had a relapse and had to be killed off in All of Me. The script was rewritten making the character of Albert Martinez the center of the story.

But there were rumors in showbiz that what triggered the relapse was his breakup with Jesy Mendiola. He didn’t mention this during his interview with Korina.

Now, JM de Guzman is again on the comeback trail, and he has nothing but gratitude for the people at ABS CBN for giving him a third opportunity. Hopefully, he doesn’t waste it again.