Published: Wednesday 03 January, 2018

The Revenger Squad ‘Earns P400 Million’ at 2017 MMFF Box Office, and Still Counting!

Clearly, the Vice Ganda movie at the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), The Revenger Squad, is the top grosser. Even without official MMFF box office figures yet, The Revenger Squad is the clear winner this year based on the number of theaters still showing it and the lines of viewers waiting to buy tickets more than 1 week after the start of the festival.

The Revenger Squad box office

The Revenger Squad has earned 400 million ‘thank yous’ at the 2017 MMFF box office, according to Vice Ganda. (YouTube screen grab/Star Cinema)

Vice Ganda has even hinted that the box office earnings of the The Revenger Squad, so far, is P400 million. Of course, it is forbidden to make box office results announcements during the duration of the MMFF so Vice Ganda has disguised his announcement as such:

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“400Million THANK YOUs mga ka-SQUAD!!!! Kaway kaway mga members ng #TeamHappy !!! Ravaaaan!!!” he wrote on Twitter.

No mention of pesos so as not to violate the MMFF rules, just ‘thank yous’. Clever!

The Revenger Squad MMFF box office

For this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, organizers and producers have agreed not to make box office earnings announcements for the duration of the festival so as not the create a ‘bandwagon effect’. And there is a still penalty for violators – P200,000 (I think).