Published: Friday 29 September, 2017

Sharon Cuneta Finally Invited to Star Magic Ball After Complaining on Facebook

Sharon Cuneta has been invited to Star Magic Ball 2017. Sharon received her invitation today, two days before the Star Magic Ball, after complaining on social media that she was not invited. Was it just an oversight on the part of ABS CBN, or didn’t they really invite the Megastar and was only forced to send an invitation after her social media post?

Sharon Cuneta Star Magic Ball

Sharon Cuneta received her invitation to the Star Magic Ball today, leaving her no time to prepare. (Photo via Interaksyon)

“Must be thrilling for everyone invited to the Star Magic Ball as they prepare for it this year! (My invite probably got lost on its way to me? That’s okay. Too late to have a gown made now even if it arrives. :-)) Have fun everyone!” This was Sharon’s post yesterday.

Lo and behold, the Megastar received an invitation today! But, it’s too late. As Sharon Cuneta said earlier, she doesn’t have enough time to prepare for the ball.

“Thank you, Star Magic, for delivering our invitation to your Ball one day before. Wish we could go, but I have nothing spectacular to wear and there obviously isn’t any more time. Sayang.”

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“I also had my assistant relay to Winnie yesterday when she asked for our address (no one in ABS knows my address?) that it was okay and unnecessary kasi nga wala nang oras. It’s really alright, my “kapamilya,” though you didn’t have to send it na at the last minute. Have fun at your Ball, everyone. God bless. (Oh and Happy 25th Anniversary. I’ve been with ABS-CBN for 25 years as well (29 sana if I didn’t leave in 2011).)”

UPDATE: In a succeeding post, Sharon admitted she was hurt and insulted after not being invited.

“I have to admit I am a bit hurt and quite insulted. Guess the saying isn’t always true. I just wanted to be with my big family. But then again, it’s just a ball. If it was a fundraiser, a trade show or whatever Shawie would have always been #1 on the list. And she ALWAYS gives with all her heart. Party time? Shawie absent. I am sorry. I’m not plastic. And I KNOW my worth. I’m sure that is not lost on others either. And I will not go quietly into the night and put on a fake smile. Shawie must remember not everyone who says they love her, does. A lot do, but not everyone. Even those she trusted the most. Sad but true. Not so naive anymore. I like to be surrounded by people who love, respect, and value me. Who wouldn’t, right? My heart is sad…💘 But then again, Megastardom of almost 40 years came, with at least 20 of those being the queen of queens in showbiz, lording it over everyone — and all without the help of social media — or yes — having to attend any balls. Vicor and Viva (Daddy, Daddy Tito, Mama Mina, Boss Vic, Ate Baby Gil, my Sharonians, friends from the press, and other loving and helpful people) MADE me. I was “made” before my beloved ABS-CBN pirated me from another station. And my star shone even brighter. So though am hurt, “tampororot” — I love my Kapamilya. But my heart is wearing a band-aid on it now.😥 End of issue.”