Published: Wednesday 17 January, 2018

‘Sinabunutan!’: Woman Attacks Cebu Taxi Driver for Refusing Ride (VIDEO)

A video of a lola attacking a taxi driver is Cebu is now going viral. The old woman can be seen pulling the taxi driver’s hair in anger and frustration after the latter reportedly refused her a ride. Both of them have been summoned by the LTFRB in Cebu but they didn’t show up.

taxi driver sinabunutan

Cebu taxi driver sinabunutan by irate passenger! (facebook screen grab/Zeerex Joy Bolongaita Nacario)

The viral video was posted on Facebook by Zeerex Joy Bolongaita Nacario who would have been the taxi’s passenger. According to Nacario, he was going for the outside the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño last Monday when the woman and her companions cut in. He then decided to let it go and let the lola take the cab. However, the taxi driver refused and told her that he was already going to the garage.

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The taxi driver then turned to Nacario and offered him a because the latter was going in the same direction. This irked the lola and that was when she began berating the driver.

Not satisfied with just a verbal attack, the old woman then went inside the taxi and started pulling the taxi driver’s hair. Sinabunutan!

It took several minutes before the old woman was stopped by some passers by and a police officer.

According to BS CBN News, the LTFRB summoned the taxi driver and the woman on Wednesday but nobody showed up.