Published: Sunday 04 March, 2018

Solaire Hotel Guest Apple Castillo Matic Shares Traumatic Experience

What would you do if a man suddenly barges into your hotel room while you’re asleep in your underwear? That is what happened to Apple Castillo Matic and her daughters at the Solaire Resort and Casino Hotel on February 27, 2018. A Chinese guest walked into their room and demanded that they leave because, according to him, the Solaire Hotel front desk gave him that room!

Solaire Hotel Manila

A mom and her daughter were asleep in their underwear when a Chinese man barged into their room at Solaire Hotel Manila in the middle of the night. (Image via PokerNews)

According to Apple Castillo Matic, their experience at Solaire was very traumatic. And it was far from the restful staycation that they had planned. At first, everything was okay. But everything went downhill on the night of February 27 while she and her daughters they were awaken from their sleep.

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“Me, my daughter and her ate Alisa opted to stay at a suite in the popular Solaire Resort and Casino, the day went on great their amenities were amazing to be fair but at night when we were resting and sleeping in our underwear almost, all of a sudden the door opens to a stammering Chinese national, to our horror we were awakened to this stranger in our room saying and demanding to know why we were in his room according to him,” Matic wrote on Facebook.

To make matters worse, the Chinese guest refused to leave and claimed it was HIS room. He said the Soliare front desk personnel gave him the key to the room and even demanded that they get out of HIS room. The Chinese national then proceed to lie down on one of the beds – the one Apple’s daughter was occupying.

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Matic said they tried desperately to contact the front desk only to be told that they would be verify her complaint! Meanwhile, Apple continued to argue with the Chinese guest while she fumbled with putting on her shorts under the sheets.

In the end, Solaire Hotel personnel finally arrived but she had already asked the Chinese to leave by that time.

And what did the hotel offer Apple Castillo Matic for all her trouble? A late checkout at 6 PM!