Published: Monday 16 October, 2017

WATCH Terrifying Videos Show People Escape Death in California Wildfire

As the wildfires in Northern California continue to rage, and the death toll continues to rise, videos have emerged of what it is like inside the wildfire zone. Two couples escaped death as the raging fires threatened to burn them alive. Luckily, they were able to drive through and away from the ‘hellhole’. But the scenes they captured on video are simply terrifying!

California wildfire escape

Survivors video their California wildfire escape. (YouTube/Michael Vien)

Andre Epstein and Neda Monshat were awaken by neighbors just after midnight on Monday to warn them of the approaching fire in the area of Redwood Valley in Mendocino County. With little time to spare, they grabbed their dog and important documents to escape. Together with their neighbors, they were going to form a convoy to safety.

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But when it was time to leave, the couple could not find their car keys. The convoy went ahead as they looked for their keys for 20 minutes.

When they finally left, what they went through was like a glimpse of ‘hell’. Fire was everywhere and, at several times through their journey, they thought their car would explode from the heat. Luckily, they made it through.

Two roommates had a similar lucky escape as fires surrounded their house in Yuba Country, California. Watch their video below.

The death toll has climbed to at least 41, with dozens still missing. With the weather improving, firefighters are now able to control some of the fires.