Published: Tuesday 22 August, 2017

LOOK Tiger Woods Nude Scandal Photo Hacked from Lindsey Vonn Phone

Have you seen the Tiger Woods scandal photo posted online? The nude selfie of Tiger Woods, along with several other photos of Lindsey Vonn, are latest hacked photos to emerge online. And no amount of lawsuit threat seems to be scaring the website that posted it.

Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods scandal

The photos of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Voon were taken when they were still together. The two broke up in 2015. (AP photo/Charlie Riedel)

The hacked Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods scandal photos were reportedly hacked from Vonn’s phone. Tiger apparently sent Lindsey a nude selfie when they were still together and she has kept it all this time. The two broke up in 2015. Now, their photos have emerged on website Celeb Jihad.

Only one scandal photo of Tiger appeared on the site but it is a full frontal. As for Lindsey, there are dozens in various poses. Some are even closeups of her …

Aside from Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, photos of Katharine McPhee, Stella Maxwell, Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart have also been posted by Celeb Jihad. McPhee has also threatened the website with a lawsuit.

What were these celebrities thinking taking nude selfies? Haven’t they learned from other celebs whose scandalous photos have been hacked and leaked before them? Even if they win the lawsuits, once their photos are posted online it stays out there for all eternity and no amount of lawsuit with erase them from the internet.