Published: Saturday 12 August, 2017

WATCH Trailer of ‘Love You To The Stars And Back’ 3 Million Views Overnight!

Just how popular is the tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, aka JoshLia? Maybe this can be a gauge: the first trailer of ‘Love You to the Stars and Back’, their first ‘solo’ movie together went viral overnight. In fact, the trailer of LYTTSAB received more than 3 million views overnight!

Love You to the Stars and Back LYTTSAB

LYTTSAB official poster. (Star Cinema)

The movie is the first paring of Joshua and Julia as a love team since last year’s ‘Vince and Kath and James’. In that MMFF top grosser, Ronnie Alonte was the third wheel. But, this time on ‘Love You to the Stars and Back’, there is no love triangle.

In LYTTSAB, Julia is Mika, a girl who believes in aliens. Meanwhile, Joshua is Caloy, a guy who doesn’t belive in all that stuff but rides along with Mika’s fantasies. And, as Mika finds out, Caloy has cancer.

“In the process, they will experience in their young age a love that millennials don’t really experience at their age,” said director Tonet Jadaone on her Instagram.

‘Love You to the Stars and Back’ opens on August 30.

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