Published: Sunday 31 December, 2017

LOOK Giant Trump Dog Statue Welcomes the New Year 2018 in China!

Last year, it was a Donald Trump rooster. This year, it’s a Trump dog! A giant statue of a dog with a striking resemblance to US President Trump has been installed at a mall in China to welcome 2018.

Trump dog statue

Donald Trump dog statue at a mall in China. (AFP/STR image)

The dog statue at the mall in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province may be more of a tribute to Donald Trump this year. While last year’s Trump rooster was seen as a mockery of the US president in the Year of the Rooster, the same cannot be said this year.

You see, Trump is a dog. He was born in 1946, the Year of the Dog. He shares the same Chinese zodiac sign with two predecessors – George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Trump rooster

The Trump rooster statue last year. (Getty Images)

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