Published: Thursday 13 July, 2017

Student Behind Tsongkilate & Marijuana Gummy Bears Arrested in Laguna

Marijuana-laced candies are allegedly the latest modus of drug dealers. Police nabbed a student who is allegedly behind the manufacture of tsongkilate (aka tsongkileyt) and marijuana gummy bears (aka gummi-weed) in Laguna. The suspect has been identified as Jan Allen Ledesma.

tsongkilate candies

Tsongkilate, aka tsongkileyt, are marijuana-laced chocolate candies allegedly being sold to students. (GMA News screen grab)

According to the authorities, Jan Allen Ledesma makes tsongkilate and gummi-weed and sells these to students. Recovered from Ledesma’s car were several containers of freshly-made marijuana gummy candies and tsonkilate. There were also containers with tsongkilate batter, as well as a marijuana grinder, weed oil and several wooden pipes.

gummi weed

‘Gummi-weed’ or marijuana-laced gummy bear candies confiscated in the drug bust. (GMA News screen grab)

But Ledesma denies that he sells the contraband to students as the police claim. According to the 5th year ECE students, the end users are mostly his friends.

Nevertheless, authorities are now warning the public about the proliferation of such contraband in the market. With drugs-laced candies, children will now be more vulnerable to the illegal substance.