Published: Wednesday 13 September, 2017

Two Brothers Buried by Landslide in Taytay; 3 Siblings Swept Away in Calamba

Five young lives were among those that #MaringPH snuffed as she rampaged across Luzon on Monday and Tuesday. Two brothers hugged as they were buried by a landslide in a cliff-side in Taytay, Rizal while three young children, siblings, were swept away by a raging river to their deaths in Calamba, Laguna.

#MaringPH flooding

#MaringPh brought severe flooding in Luzon. (Rappler photo/Instagram)

As Tropical Depression #MaringPH poured torrential rain over southern Luzon, Metro Manila and central Luzon, two brothers aged 17 and 14 were buried under mud when a landslide trampled their house in Barangay Dolores in Taytay, Rizal. Two other siblings survived.

According to their family, Jude and Justin embraced as they tried to save each other when the mud buried their house. At first, their families could still hear their voices calling for help. But after a second wave of mud the two brothers became silent. Their lifeless bodies were later recovered in the river below.

In Calamba City, a father desperately tried to save his four young children as the flood waters rose but, in the end, only 1 survived.

According to Geoffrey Monghe, the water rose quickly and engulfed their shanty. He quickly rounded up his four kids, whose mother was working in Manila, and decided to take them to a neighbor’s house which has a second floor. But when they tried to cross a bridge, all were swept away by the raging water.

He could still see his children clinging to the trunk of banana trees screaming for help until they were swept away. Though the children are still listed as missing, they are now feared dead.

Three other kids are also missing from the same barangay.

#MaringPH caused widespread flooding in southern and central Luzon, including Metro Manila. Though the storm was relatively weak, the non-stop downpour from Monday night to early Tuesday morning did most of the damage.