Published: Wednesday 21 March, 2018

Two Weddings: Joey de Leon Marries Eileen Macapagal TWICE in a Month!

When photos of Joey de Leon and Eileen Macapagal’s wedding were posted on Monday, many of us didn’t know it was already their SECOND wedding this month. Yes, Joey de Leon and Eileen Macapagal got married TWICE – one in church and the other at the Supreme Court in a civil ceremony.

Their first wedding was in church as revealed by their daughter, Jocas de Leon, in her Instagram posts, though she didn’t mention where nor where it was held. Suffice it to say that the church wedding of Joey de Leon and Eileen Macapagal was very intimate and private.

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“I am still reeling from the events of the last nineteen days: two weddings, three weeks total of planning and preparation… one great dream that has taken thirty-five years to finally come true. ????? I love you mommy and daddy! ????” wrote Jocas.

And here’s a little tidbit from the church wedding – Joey got emotional, as shown in the photo by Jocas where her father was in tears as he hugged his bride.

Joey de Leon Eileen Macapagal

Joey de Leon crying during as he and Eileen Macapagal embraced during their church wedding. (Jocas de Leon/Instagram)

Below is a photos taken from the second wedding at the Supreme Court. Note that Eileen was wearing a different dress this time.