Published: Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Victim’s Arm Re-Attached After Being Cut Off in Freak MRT Train Accident

Doctors have re-attached the severed arm of a woman who lost it in an MRT accident on Tuesday. A Transportation official said surgeons were able to reconnect the arm to her body and she is now recuperating in hospital.

MRT Ayala Station

Woman’s arm is cut off in MRT accident has been reconnected to her body. ( image)

Angeline Fernando, 24, became dizzy at the Ayala Avenue MRT station on Tuesday afternoon after alighting from a northbound train. She lost her balance and fell in between two carriages and fell on the tracks. Her right arm was cut off in the accident.

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Fernando, a senior quality engineer at an IT company in Makati, was immediately rescued by MRT personnel. A video posted online shows an MRT security guard coming to the victim’s rescue before she was rushed to the Makati Medical Center.

On Wednesday, it was reported that surgeon performed emergency surgery on Angeline Fernando’s arm and it was re-attached. She is recuperating and under close monitoring. It remains to be seen if she will regain full function of her injured limb.

“Angeline’s arm is reconnected to her body. The bone, the nerve and vessels are reconnected. She is under observation at least until Friday (this week),” said DOTr undersecretary Cesar Chavez as quoted by GMA News.

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According to GMA News, Fernando usually becomes dizzy in a crow. This was confirmed by her mother to Undersecretary Chavez.

“Nahihilo si Angeline minsan ‘pag maraming tao. Lumalabas siya sa simbahan ‘pag nagsisimba kami kasi nahihirapan siya huminga ‘pag maraming tao,” Chavez said.

Meanwhile, the DOTr official assured the victim that she will receive financial assistance from the government. Fernando is said to be the breadwinner of her family. She is an only child.