Published: Tuesday 19 September, 2017

WATCH Beware of Bundol-Bundol Modus: More Reason to Get a Dashcam

The bundol-bundol modus has been around for quite some time. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the bundol-bundol modus operandi involves faking an accident with the extortionist running in front of a moving vehicle or deliberately slamming his body onto a slow-moving car in traffic.  If the driver is gullible enough, he will be forced to fork out a nice sum to avoid a complaint, or worse, criminal charges.

bundol-bundol scam

Bundol-bundol modus caught on video. (Melwin Enriquez/Facebook)

There were even reports before that some bundol-bundol perpetrators were in cahoots with police officers with whom they’d split the proceeds of their scam.

The modus died down a couple of years ago but it looks like there are still swindlers on the road trying to revive the scam as we can see in the video Melwin Enriquez posted on Facebook. It reportedly happened somewhere in Alabang.

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Another good reason to invest in a good dashcam.