Published: Friday 11 August, 2017

WATCH Britney Spears Rushed to Safety After Crazed Fan Jumps on Stage

A security scare at the Britney Spears show in Las Vegas: Britney Spears was rushed to safety after a man jumped on stage towards her in the middle of a performance. The singer later went back on stage to finish the show.

Britney Spears attack

Britney Spears ‘attacked’ by crazed fan while performing in Las Vegas. (Instagram)

Britney was performing one of her last songs of the night when the incident occurred. According to fans at the scene, Spears was singing ‘Crazy’ when the man jumped on stage towards the singer. But not before he did a backflip. Security was then seen rushing to stop the ‘crazed fan’.

Britney Spears was unaware of the commotion, at first, as seen in the video below.. But when some of her male backup dancers helped in subduing the man, who seemed to fight off security, it was obvious spear was terrified.

Britney Spears attack

Security personnel subdue the ‘crazed fan’. (Instagram)

Her security quickly surround Spears as she was heard asking them if the man had a gun. Britney was then ushered off stage.

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But after it was cleared, Britney Spears went back to finish the show, to the delight of fans who were waiting.