Published: Sunday 22 April, 2018

Throwback: Crying Kris Aquino Thanks James for Being Good to Bimb & Josh

As Kris Aquino continues to spew vitriol against ex-husband James Yap, we found this video from four years ago when the prevailing climate between the two (especially in Kris’ area of responsibility) was very different. Kris Aquino, would you believe, was thanking and praising James Yap for being a good father to Bimby and Josh!

Kris thanks James for being a good father

Believe it or not, there was a time when Kris was praising James for being a good father of Bimby and Josh! (YouTube screen grab/ABS CBN)

If what she was telling James at that time was true, and she genuinely felt that way, where, then, are all the negativity, hatred (and some say jealousy) coming from in all her tirades against James in the present day? Especially since she said in one of her posts that she has a lot of ammunition against James dating back to 2007! #justasking