Published: Friday 14 July, 2017

WATCH: QC Residents Take Cases of Free Beer After SMB Truck Overturns

There was free beer for everyone in EDSA Balintawak after a San Miguel Beer truck overturned. The truck dumped hundreds of cases of beer on the street leading residents to take what they can.

free beer

Balintawak residents availed of free beer after an SMB delivery truck carry more than 1,500 cases of beer overturned. (GMA News screen grab)

According to the GMA News report, around P1.3 million of San Miguel beer was loaded in the ill-fated truck. Most of these fell on the road and broke after the accident. Yet, despite the risk of being injured by the broken bottles, resident could not be stopped from taking the free beer.

The driver and several barangay officials initially tried to stop people from stealing the beer. However, they were outnumbered.

Some resident were seen pouring the free beer into larger containers while others drank the beer by the roadside.