Published: Thursday 05 April, 2018

VIDEO Gerald Anderson & Bea Alonzo ‘Spotted’ Together in London

It looks like all is really well between Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson. Days after their rumored split, a video of Gerald and Bea in London has surfaced online. Whatever problems they may have had must have been patched up. Or, the conspiracy theory that the split may just have been a gimmick for ‘My Perfect You’ must be true!

The video of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson in London doesn’t really show their faces. But their voices can be overheard in the background as the couple looks at luxury cars on display.

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Gerald is really in London at present as he spent the Holy Week in Europe. He was previously in Greece and France based on his Instagram photos.

As for Bea Alonzo, there are no photos on her Instagram showing her whereabouts at present though the voice in the video with Gerald is distinctly hers.