Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

WATCH Isabelle Daza Becomes a Grab Driver for a Day, Stuns Passengers

Isabelle Daza, Grab driver: How would you react if you find that your Grab driver is a big celebrity? Stunned. That’s what happened to Isablle Daza’s passengers after realizing she is their Grab driver.

Isabelle Daza Grab driver

A stunned passenger realizing that Isabelle Daza is her GRab driver. (Facebook/Isabelle Daza)

So, why did Isabelle Daza become a Grab driver? She said she just wanted to see how it feels to be one (but we think it’s part of a marketing promotion by Grab).

The video is actually quite amusing, especially when Isabelle found out that she would be driving ans stick shift (aka manual transmission), and the engine died on her twice (probably more but they only showed it twice).

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Just like what her passengers said, it’s really more convenient using Grab, or even Uber for that matter. I switch between the two which ever is available first, or which offers the lower rate at certain time of the day.

It’s safe, it’s convenient and it’s faster. I usually have a hard time finding a parking space in some places I go to so what I do is park at the nearest mall and take Grab or Uber to my destination.

And it’s really very relaxing to have a driver! Sarap maging pasahero paminsan-minsan.

Here’s the full video:

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