Published: Sunday 31 December, 2017

LOOK LizQuen & MayWard in Paris, and it’s Maymay’s Best New Year Yet!

Maymay Entrata has everything to be thankful for. 2017 was such a good year for her. And it looks like 2018 will be even better if the chance meeting with LizQuen in Paris is any indication. Yes, LizQuen and Mayward bumped into each other in Paris!

Lizquen Mayward paris

LizQuen bumps into Mayward in Paris! (Instagram/@hopia_quenito)

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano are spending the holidays in Europe with their families. They were in Paris a couple of days ago. Meanwhile, Maymay Entrata spent Christmas in Germany with Edward’s family coinciding with a magazine photo shoot scheduled in Barber’s home country.

MayWard then proceeded to Paris where they bumped into LizQuen and their group. We can just imagine Maymay and Edward’s pleasant surprise at seeing their idols in Paris.

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It was no secret that Maymay is a big fan of LizQuen, Enrique Gil specially. Remember how Enrique surprised her inside PBB house? Edward, on the other hand, was full of admiration for Liza Soberano after meeting her personally inside PBB as well.