Published: Wednesday 04 April, 2018

VIDEO Janella Salvador & Elmo Magalona Recreate La La Land Scene

Janella Salvador just couldn’t pass up the chance of recreating scenes from La La Land while she was in Los Angeles for her birthday. With Elmo Magalona in tow, Janella went to the Griffith Observatory, where scene from La La Land were shot, and fulfilled her dream.

A self-avowed fan of the Emma Stone-Ryan Gosling film, Janella Salvador dressed up as Mia while Elmo Magalona was Sebastian. The young actress said the yellow dress she wore was even “the exact same dress Mia (Emma Stone) wore in the film”!

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“I chose to spend my birthday here because I am *obviously* the biggest La La Land fan,” wrote Janella on Instagram. “Something about the music, cinematography, characters & storyline captured my heart and since then it had been a dream of mine to visit the beautiful places they shot in.”

“It gives me so much joy to think that I was finally able to experience it on my special day with people who are close to my heart. I can’t thank Ate Abie enough for getting me the exact same dress Mia (Emma Stone) wore in the film and of course, Elmo, for being patient enough to do all the crazy things the fangirl in me wanted to do.”

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“My La La Land heart is soaring!”

ElNella La La Land

ElNella in La La Land. (Instagram/Janella Salvador)