Published: Tuesday 26 September, 2017

WATCH Miss Universe Spain Contestant Falls into Pool After Attempting a Twirl

Video of a Miss Universe Spain 2017 contestant falling into a swimming pool has gone viral. Pilar Magro, competing in Miss Universe Spain 2017, made the disastrous mistake of a falling into the pool instead of showing off her twirl during a presentation.

Miss Universe Spain

Pilar Magro, a Miss Universe Spain 2017 contestant, falling into the swimming pool. (Miss Universe Spain)

Falling down during a presentation is the biggest mistake a beauty pageant contestant or a fashion model can ever make. But falling into a swimming pool is doubly humiliating. And that’s what happened to Pilar Magro, a Miss Universe Spain 2017 contestant.

Magro was walking beside a swimming pool at an undisclosed location when the mishap occurred. Together with other contestants, Pilar Magro was trying to show off her walk and poise for the cameras. She then attempted to make a twirl to make a better impression. However, Magro, who is representing Caceres in the beauty pageant, twirled near the edge of the swimming pool and eventually fell down to the shock of other contestants.

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In the video, the contestant is seen disappearing below the water until finally surfacing after a few seconds with he sash on her head.

According to a news report, a lifeguard was on hand to rescue Magro. But we doubt if anyone could have rescued her chances of winning Miss Universe Spain 2017 after that huge mistake.

Sofia del Prado eventually won the crown and will represent Spain in the 66th Miss Universe later this year.