Published: Saturday 04 November, 2017

Video of Middle East OFW Cleaning High Windows Alarms Netizens

Should domestic helpers be tasked to clean high windows? Isn’t this a job for window cleaners considering how dangerous it is? This is what many netizens are asking after a video of and overseas Filipino worker (OFW) cleaning her employer’s high windows went viral.

ofw cleaning windows

Video of an OFW domestic helper cleaning her employer’s high windows has alarmed netizens. (Facebook screen grab/RMN Iloilo)

The video has been posted on the Facebook page RMN Iloilo and it shows a Filipino domestic helper cleaning the outside of the high windows. With no protective gear or harness and standing on a narrow ledge, the OFW seems to be dutifully doing her task and following her employer’s order despite the risk involved.

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The Facebook page has not identified the domestic helper nor her location. It just said it was taken in the Middle East.

Is there no law protecting domestic helpers from such hazards? From our knowledge, such tasks are already banned in Hong Kong where employers mostly live in skyscrapers. From the looks of it, this domestic helper is not on a skyscraper. Nevertheless, what she is doing is still dangerous especially without any protective gear.

The video has gone viral with more than 43,000 views so far, and counting.