Published: Monday 23 April, 2018

WATCH Rated K Feature on James Yap’s Baby MJ: Why is Kris so Angry About This?

Here it is. For the benefit of those who didn’t catch the Rated K episode tonight, April 22, here is a clip courtesy of FashionPulis. This is what sparked Kris Aquino’s anger on Korina Sanchez. But after watching it, you may also ask yourself, why would Kris find this offensive?

As we wrote before, we saw nothing wrong with this Rated K feature. There was really nothing there that was offensive to Kris Aquino or Bimby. In fact, they were not even mentioned in the SHORT feature because the topic was centered on Baby MJ, James’ first-born with Michela Cazzola, and the baby on the way (Michela is currently 7 months pregnant with a baby girl).

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Why would Kris be angry with this? What is so offensive to her about this? Unless, of course, she is jealous of James’ complete and happy family life? Is that it? Is it what all this drama and conflict all boils down to?

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UPDATE: ABS CBN has reposted the Rated K segment on James Yap’s Baby MJ on its YouTube channel. Will Kris be angry at ABS CBN as well? Let’s wait and see.