Published: Monday 16 April, 2018

VIDEO of Rooster that Can Dunk a Basketball & Sniff Out ‘Bombs’ Goes Viral

I’ve seen a chicken playing the piano on America’s Got Talent but that chicken pales in comparison to a rooster in Taguig City. The game rooster of Lino Roldan can reportedly dunk a basketball. Not only that, it can also give bomb-sniffing dogs a run for their money!

The video of Lino Roldan’s talented rooster has gone viral after netizens watch in awe as it ‘dunked’ a basketball. In the video, Roldan is shown up in a ladder holding a ball next to the basketball ring. His rooster can be seen walking about on the ground but, as soon as Lino Roldan gave the signal, it flew up ‘dunked’ the ball.

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According to Roldan, he trains his rooster for cockfights regularly and this dunking talent came about during its training.

Another video shows the rooster sniffing out a hidden bundle of fake dynamite leading Roldan to claim the the rooster can sniff out ‘bombs’.