Published: Friday 09 February, 2018

WATCH Sharon & Gabby Reunion in McDo Commercial ‘Kumusta Ka’ (VIDEO)

The Sharon Cuneta & Gabby Concepcion McDo commercial is out! It’s a reunion for Sharon and Gabby who have not worked together for quite some time. But fans are hoping a bigger reunion will soon follow in a movie with Star Cinema.

Sharon Gabby McDonalds commercial

Gabby wiping something from Sharon’s face in the McDonalds commercial. (YouTube screen cap/McDonalds Philippines).

The release of the McDonalds commercial follows the frenzy of recent days when the project was leaked. First, the former couple followed each other on Instagram and then behind-the-scenes snapshots of the McDonalds commercial were released.

The ad opens with Sharon seated inside a McDonalds store preparing to eat her Chicken McDo and fries. Gabby then arrives and asks her if it would be alright to join her. Then, awkwardness. But the ice is soon broken when Gabby tries to wipe something from Sharon’s face.

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