Published: Sunday 16 July, 2017

VIDEO Horrifying Scene as Tampa, Florida Sinkhole Swallows TWO Houses!

A neighborhood near Tampa was evacuated due to massive sinkhole. The latest Florida sinkhole swallowed two houses in a matter of minutes but, fortunately, no one was injured. Officials now fear the sinkhole will merge into a nearby lake.

tampa florida sinkhole

The latest Florida sinkhole threatens to get even bigger and swallow more houses. (AP photo)

Emergency crews were called to the Land o Lakes neighborhood after someone noticed a depression under a parked boat outside one of the houses. A sinkhole quickly emerged and soon became bigger and wider. In a matter of minutes, the water-filled sinkhole has swallowed an entire house!

Poilce said nobody was home in the house. And it appeared that the building had previously been repaired due to a sinkhole after steel pilings emerged after the house collapsed. The house was sold to the current owners in 2015.

As the Florida sinkhole got even bigger, a neighboring house also caved in. News reports said two sisters were renting the home but were out when the accident occurred. They returned in time to save their dogs and recover important documents but were stopped by police from staying further. Soon, a big portion of their house also fell into the sinkhole.

‘For the most part, they lost everything,’ said Pasco County Rescue Fire Chief Shawn Whited. ‘This is something we’ve never seen before,’ he said.

“We got as much as we could as quickly as we could before it got too dangerous to be up there, but for the most part, they’ve lost everything.”

A total of eleven houses around Ocean Pines Drive in Lake Padgett Land o Lakes were evacuated as the Florida sinkhole threatened to get bigger. There are now fears that it will merge into the nearby lake.