Published: Monday 28 August, 2017

WATCH Teen Defends Pinoy Couple from Racist Rant Inside Train in Canada

An unidentified Canadian teenage is earning praise after he defended an elderly Filipino couple inside a train Vancouver. A older Canadian woman began shouting racist remarks against the Pinoys but the teenager stepped in told her to stop. And it was all caught on video.

Racist rant Pinoy couple Canada

The Canadian woman’s racist rant against the Filipino couple was caught on video. (Ashley Klassen/Facebook)

The incident occurred inside a SkyTrain in Vancouver last week. Ashley posted the video of a Canadian woman yelling at the Filipino couple to speak English and go back to the Philippines. The young boy then stood up and told her to stop and called her a racist, asking her to get off the train.

“This is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Unfiltered Vancouver racism. Shout out to the kid up front,” Ashley Klassen wrote on her Facebook page together with the video.

The Filipinos were talking loudly in Tagalog which annoyed the old woman. After calling their attention, the Filipino man apologized, according to witnesses, and said that’s how they normally talk at home. But the old woman did not accept his excuse.

“Go back to the f***ing Philippines,” to the horror of everyone who heard her. That was when the teenager stepped in, and demanded she get off the vehicle.

But the woman then turned on the boy, “You f***ing little boy…you think you’re so big.”

She eventually got off the next stop but still continued ranting outside the vehicle.

The incident was reported to authorities and the old woman was identified. It turns out that she has previous records of similar incident, according to the authorities.

“She is known to police for documented anger related issues in the past but there is nothing documented that would indicate there is a concern for public safety.”